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Are you keeping up with duct cleaning? You should be.  Over time, ducts become clogged with dust, dander, pet hair, and mites.  All of this is being breathed in by you and your family, and is harmful to your heating and cooling system over time.

We are a full-service heating and cooling system company based in South New Jersey.  We’re more than an AC repair company though.  Common Sense Plumbing and Mechanical Contracting, Inc. offers HVAC service, installation, repairs, and tune-ups as well as a whole slew of plumbing services. We’re open for your call 7 days per week, with emergency service available 24/7.

Duct Cleaning in South Jersey

Just like your own body, you want to keep home’s air system arteries healthy as well.  The ducts of your air conditioning system are like the veins and arteries in your body.  They need to be kept clean so that they don’t clog up and spread contaminants throughout your home. Air quality in your home is your first line of defense against airborne illness and poor health in general!

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Did you know that dirty ducts do a lot more than block your airflow?  They also make your home smell unpleasant.  Sometimes we get so used to it that we don’t even notice that the air we breath is no longer fresh and healthy.  This air will affect those with asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, and allergic respiratory disease.  Furthermore, with decreased airflow you can expect an increase in your utilities bills due to overrunning.  You could even see an increase in doctor visits that you might not even know the cause of.  Too often, people feel sick and try to figure out what they just came into contact with, not even considering what they expose themselves to on a daily basis.  UV germicidal lamps are a great tool against that type of exposure.

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But fear not, with a simple call to Common Sense, we come out clean those dirty ducts and get your air fresh and clean once again.  You and your family will breathe easy as our trained technicians tackle all systems. AC repair technicians dislodge dust, and any other pollutants from your airflow ducts. We also sanitize and clean components such as grills and vents to make sure everything is clean again.

With 24-hour AC service in the Southern New Jersey area, there is no better time to take care of your air conditioning repair needs. Call us today and Use Common Sense! 856-582-0171

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